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Legislative- Ordinance Revisions

The Village of Blissfield is working to revise our ordinances. As we work through these amendments we will be communicating with the public at various stages. These communications may include feedback, public comment opportunities as well as notice of adoption. Our goal is to amend our ordinances to be easily understood by residents, and to structure the ordinances in a way that enhances readability. We welcome comments, suggestions and feedback at all steps of the process. You can reach out to a council member, or the administrator with any feedback. This page will be dedicated to providing updated information to the residents regarding pending amendments, repeals, approved and denied revisions.

Amendments will be structured as follows:

Strikethrough- these items are in the current ordinance and are being proposed to be removed

Highlighted– these items are NOT currently in the ordinance and are being proposed to be added

Amendment- the ordinance is being changed in some way

Repeal- the ordinance in its full is being removed and/or moved. In the event the ordinance is being moved as part of the restructure the repealed ordinance will notate the new ordinance section.



Chapter 150 Water Supply and Sewage Disposal Systems is a proposed ordinance amendment with the intent of achieving a couple of different council goals. One of them being the definition of a “unit” to help clarify when a property will be billed more than one unit. The second goal is to identify situations or circumstances in which Village staff may use their judgement and information recieved from residents to grant waivers. The proposed amendment includes two possible solutions for utility billing issues, one being repairs made when water did not go into the sewer system, allowing for sewer only fees waived, the second being one time adjustments due to causes outside the control of the customer and/or village.

Council Notice

Proposed Ordinance Amendment

Chapter 140 Village Administrator is a proposed ordinance amendment to align with the recently revised personnel policy. Currently, the Village Council hires and terminates all employees, the new personnel policy gives this authority to the Village Administrator with the exception of Department Heads which will still go to the Village Council for approval. Council additionally will continue to interview and oversee all processes involved in hiring the Village Administrator. This amendment just reflects the processes as outlined in the personnel policy. The council remains the appeal board for any decision made by the Village Administrator regarding personnel issues.

Chapters 5, 8, 9, 11 and 14 have been approved for restructuring of the Village Ordinances.

Chapter 5 is currently  Compensation for Village Officials, this chapter will have Chapters 8, 9, 11 and 14 merged into it as sections rather than multiple chapters related to the same topic. The amendments & repeals were approved by council at the April 10, 2023 meeting. 

Ordinance Amending Chapter 5 Compensation for Village Officials

Ordinance Repealing Chapter 8 Compensation for Building Inspector

Ordinance Repealing Chapter 9 Compensation for Zoning Administrator

Ordinance Repealing Chapter 11 Compensation for Mechanical/Plumbing Inspector

Ordinance Repealing Chapter 14 Compensation for Electrical Inspector

Chapters 12 Election of Village President, Trustees, Clerk and Treasurer & Chapter 13 Terms of Office and Fiscal Year are proposed amendments due to conflicts of ordinances Part 16 Position of Village Clerk and Part 17 Position of Village Treasurer adopted in September 23, 2019 which make the clerk and treasurer appointed positions rather than elected positions.

This amendment was approved by council at the April 10, 2023 council meeting. 

Ordinance Amending Chapter 12 Election of Village President, Trustees

Ordinance Amending Chapter 13 Terms of Office and Fiscal Year


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