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Utilities Department


Blissfield’s water treatment plant is a 1.4 million a gallon a day rated surface water plant. The plant’s water source is the River Raisin that flows north east behind the plant.  Blissfield’s plant is a complete treatment plant, meaning the village adds chemicals for coagulation and flocculation. Activated carbon is added for taste and odor removal, as well as adsorption of PFAS compounds. Potassium Permanganate is an oxidizer that helps remove additional organic material again correlated to taste and odor. Ferric sulfate is our coagulant helping to bind compounds in the water together for removal with the aid from our cationic polymer. There is an addition of Caustic soda 25% to adjust the PH of the water back around 7.8-8. Lastly, we add chlorine for disinfection, Fluoride for public health, and Phosphate for corrosion control.


Nora Kiefer, Water Treatment Supervisor

 Nora has a bachelors in science from Siena Heights University, she has worked for the village since September 2008. In her time with the village she has obtained 4 state licenses, she currently holds a F-2 and S-4, water and distribution licenses. Nora was promoted to plant supervisor, May 2020.

 Contact Information:
1330 Beamer Rd. Blissfield, MI 49228
Phone (business calls only) : 517-486-3350

 Lab Services:
Lab hours for outside testing  Mon. -Fri. 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
Bacteria ( coliform/ E-coli ) – $25.00
Nitrate – $25.00
Pool testing – $25.00
E-coli enumeration – $35.00  ( Hach method 10029 – EPA approved for irrigation water)

 Bulk Water Sales:

 The bulk water station is located at the second building (1330 Beamer rd.), the vendor is on the left front door. The station is available 24 hours a day. The cost is $15.00 per 1,000 gallons.  Bulk water is available by credit card payment or a pre-paid account.  See instructions below on how to set up your account and pre-pay.

 Call 517-486-3350 for additional details

*New* Bulk Water Instructions Page 1

Bulk Water Instructions Page 2

 Water Quality Reports:
2021 Safe Drinking Water Act Consumer Report (CCR)
PFAS Test Results


Randy Retan, Waste Water Treatment Supervisor


Contact Information:
198 MacArthur Lane
Phone (business calls only): 517-486-2740

Blissfield’s waste water treatment plant is a 1.1 MGD activated sludge facility. It consists of 2 oxidation ditches, 3-50-foot diameter clarifiers for solids separation. We have 3 enclosed U.V. chambers for Disinfection. We then discharge into the River Raisin threw a partial flume to measure flows and down a cascade to induce dissolved oxygen before the effluent enters the river.


130 South Lane Street
P.O. Box 129
Blissfield, MI 49228