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Waste Water Treatment Plant


Blissfield’s wastewater treatment plant rated a 1.1 MGD activated sludge facility. It consists of 2 oxidation ditches, 3-50-foot diameter clarifiers for solids separation. We have a new disinfection Trojan 3000 System and U.V. chambers for Disinfection. We then discharge into the River Raisin threw a partial flume to measure flows and down a cascade to induce dissolved oxygen before the effluent enters the river.

Blissfield’s Wastewater Plant History

The Wastewater plant in Blissfield, Michigan was originally built and completed in April 1957 at a cost of $230,405. The plant was constructed along with an extensive system of combined sewers, which included: intercepting sewers, combined sewers, sanitary sewers, storm sewers and a pumping station. The total cost of approximately $663,00 (information from Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements – Finkbeiner). The plant consists of a control building, grit building, primary settling tanks, chlorine contact tank, outfall structure and sludge digestion tank to name a few.

The plant went through an upgrade in 1988. This was a major overhaul of the existing wastewater plant. Two oxidation ditches were added, two up flow clarifiers, a building housing 3 UV cells and a 450,00 gallon sludge holding tank was added.

Fast forward to the current wastewater plant. A major upgrade began in April 202 and concluded in approx. November of 2023. The upgrade was due to a state mandate requiring Village of Blissfield to meet certain standards. This project included: New Raw Sewage Pump Station, New Headworks Building, New Clarifier, New UV Channel and a Trojan UV system as well as many other improvements.

The current cost of the latest improvements came in for a bid price of $7.2 million dollars plus change orders. Quite a change from the original build.
We are always looking for the best way to improve our plant at the best cost for the taxpayers. Several items were cut from the rebuild that we hope can be done in the future to make the effluent.

Tips for residents to keep our wastewater treatment plant working better:
– Direct the flow of sump pumps, down spouts, footer tiles through to the storm sewer vs. the sanitary sewer
– Refrain from flushing large / heavy materials down pipes, i.e. wipes and towels




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