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Waste Water Treatment Plant


Blissfield’s waste water treatment plant is a 1.1 MGD activated sludge facility. It consists of 2 oxidation ditches, 3-50-foot diameter clarifiers for solids separation. We have 3 enclosed U.V. chambers for Disinfection. We then discharge into the River Raisin threw a partial flume to measure flows and down a cascade to induce dissolved oxygen before the effluent enters the river.

Steve Sheilds, Waste Water Treatment Supervisor

 Contact Information
198 MacArthur Lane

Phone (business calls only): 517-486-2740


130 South Lane Street
P.O. Box 129
Blissfield, MI 49228

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday

8am - 6pm

The Village of Blissfield is an equal opportunity provider.