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Welcome to Blissfield Youth Soccer


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About Blissfield Soccer

We offer a spring and fall soccer season. Spring soccer runs April through May, the fall season runs September though October. Both programs are coed youth programs offering divisions U4 through U15, with U8-U15 being travel teams. Home games are played at the soccer fields behind the Blissfield Middle School. This league is designated for kids who want to learn the game and have fun. Games are played on Saturdays with travel to Dundee, Tecumseh, Ida, Clinton and Onsted.

Concussion Acknowledgement Form

 U4 & U6 Rules

U8 & U10 Rules

U12 & U15 Rules


Serving Our Soccer Community

We cannot do all that we do without our dedicated volunteers. Our volunteers have made this program successful and continue to do so year after year. We are seeking individuals to coach our youth. Every coach gets one child who plays for free as well as a coaches jersey. If you are interested in coaching or getting more information please reach out to our program coordinator at or call 517-403-0845.

Our League Is Our Family

We are family, we have fun and we support each other. Following is our pledge:

As a parent, coach and player I pledge…

  1. … to be on time for practices and games as well as leave/pick up on time when practices or games are over.
  2. … to understand the main reasons kids play sports are to have fun, make new friends and learn new skills. I understand the game is for the kids, I will encourage my child/team to have fun and keep sport in its proper perspective.
  3. … to redefine “WINNER”. Winners are people who make the effort, continue to learn, and improve, and do not let mistakes, or fear of making mistakes discourage them. I understand mistakes are an inevitable part of any game and that people learn from their mistakes. I understand that all children are born with different abilities and that the true measure of success is not how my child/team compares to others, but how they are doing in comparison to their best self.
  4. … to “HONOR the GAME”. I understand the importance of setting a good example of sportsmanship for my child/team. I will show respect for all involved in the game including coaches, players, opponents, opposing fans and referees. I understand that officials, coaches, and players make mistakes. If the referee makes a call that I do not agree with, I will refrain from questioning, insulting, or making personal attacks against them.
  5. … to understand that games can be exciting for my child/team as they deal with the fast-paced action of the game, responds to teammates, opponents, referees and listens to the coaches. I will not yell out instructions. During the game, I will make only sportsmanlike comments that encourage my child/team and other players on both teams.
  6. … that I will not make negative comments about the game, coaches, referees, or teammates in my child’s/team’s presence. This sets a bad example, which can negatively influence my child’s motivation and overall experience. I agree to act in a sportsmanlike manner and make every effort to build a friendly and nonviolent atmosphere.
Spring Registration

 Spring Soccer runs April-May. Registration typically open in January.

Online Registration Form

Please note that online registrations are an additional $10 due to processing fees.

Fall Registration

Fall Soccer runs September- October. Registration typically open in July.